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Get fit and stay fit while you are at home with my Midday Workouts. Midday Workouts focus on burning calories, building muscle and building a better you!

Today’s workout, is a 10 minute low-impact cardio workout that doesn’t require any equipment.

Below are 10 exercises you should complete for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest after each exercise.

Don’t forgot to warm up (before) and cool down (after) this workout. :-) 

1. Jumping Jacks


2. Punches


3. Squat With Over-Head Reach


4. Knee Drive


5. Knee Drive


6. Skaters


7. Squat Kicks


8. March In Place 


9. Hooks


10. Wind Mills


For more workouts and to join a virtual H.I.I.T or Zumba class, be sure to follow me on all social media at LoveJackiePaige.


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