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Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj had a massive Twitter war, and all I could think was “why??” Here’s why you should never argue with your ex.

5. You Wind Up Looking Stupid

High School Football in Dallas

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They say if you argue with a fool, someone from far away can’t tell the difference. You sitting here holding a conversation with someone who you don’t want anymore; would you graduate high school, then go back to the 12th grade?? So put your phone down.

4. You Gone Get Embarrassed

Wiltrud Urselmann

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Start that Twitter war if you want. It’s all fun and games until he tells the world that you pee in the shower because you think it’s a swimming pool….and you still pee in the pool.

3. Cause You Gone Go to Jail


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Those Twitter fingers gone lead to Instagram Live fingers, and that’s gone lead to “well pull up then!” Then you gone shoot him and never see the light of day again.

2. You Gone Get Your Feelings Hurt

Yella Beezy

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So you think you want smoke with your ex-girlfriend??? Okay, wait until she hits you with the line from “Restroom Occupied.” She say my…bigger…

1. Cause Y’all Will Never Get Back Together


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You doing all this arguing, airing out his dirty laundry, telling him you hate him…and basically making sure y’all never get back together. Which is crazy, because you know DAMN WELL…y’all gone be having makeup sex in 4 days.