Happy Good Friday! Everyday above ground is a good day, but Fridays are for positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news only. So here are some things to avoid to keep that energy going:

5. You go Through Your Man’s Phone – Why would you even play yourself?? You know this is his weekend with is side family. Now you all distraught wondering why he needs 2 copies of 2K. You know the answer!! So just sit his phone back down before you get your feelings hurt.

4. You Forget Your Glasses – Listen, you can’t see. It’s okay! But you can’t be out here wearing lashes that look like old broom bristles, because you can’t wear glasses with those! Now you can’t go out because you can’t see. Baby, get some contacts.

3. You Run Out of Protection – Let your friends clown you for having safe relations if you want; you’re single and don’t want Herpes. But now he’s there, and neither of you are prepared. Welp. Looks like a second base kind of night for you. Next time, mess with a dude who stay ready so he ain’t gotta get ready.

2. You Care Too Much – You have such a big heart, and everyone knows it. That’s why they always hit you up for money. Big heart, little money. Tis the season to change your phone number.

1. You Run Out of Gas – I know, I know…you know your gas light. Well clearly it doesn’t know you, because you waited too late and now you’re outta gas and walking to the nearest station. Better hope you ain’t gotta do something strange for that Good Samaritan in the unmarked van who offered you a ride. Next time, keep a pair of Nikes in your car so you’ll be comfortable walking a country mile to the gas station, cause I know you not gone start getting gas more often.

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