I told my bro he really hurt me, and his response triggered this list of things to NEVER say to women.

5. “You changed your hair? I didn’t notice.” – So you mean to tell me that you’re so visually impaired that you didn’t notice I went from a Mother Earth afro on my shoulders, to neon green hair with inches?? I did not sit in a chair for 4 hours getting this hair straightened and this wig put on, for you to not notice my designer baby hairs.

4.”I don’t care what you wear.” – Listen, we did not ask you which shoe you liked better, just for you to NOT tell us! Pick. A. Shoe.

3. “You don’t look fat!” – Some people might fight me on this, but I have enough self-esteem to want to be told if I need to suck in. Don’t you have me out here looking pregnant because you’re too scared to tell me my pudge is showing in this Fashionova bodycon dress.

2. “When are you gonna have kids?” – I hear this one a lot, as if it’s anyone’s business when I want to let a human being grow inside of me, take it everywhere whether I want to or not, push it out of me and have to get stitched back, then feed it and change diapers! Either become my free nanny or mind ya business.

1. “Are you on your period?” – Just because a woman tells you how she feels, expresses emotion, or beats someone’s ass…it’s not a result of cramps. And to reduce her feelings to 3-7 days out of a month…will get you cussed out or beat up.

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