I want you to continue your Good Friday, so here are some things you may want to avoid.

5. You Get Too Wasted on Thursday

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

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How you get so trashed on the fourth, that you can’t kick it on the fifth? And forget the club, you gotta call off work because you’re hungover! Don’t mess up the check next week.

4. Your In-Laws Come in Town


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Imagine your husband giving you a hall pass to make up for sleeping with your cousin, and you’re all ready to have filthy sex with a Mavs bench player and POW! You gotta make sure the guest bedroom is all set up.

3. You Start Your Cycle

Two sanitary towels, close up.

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And you know Day 1 is vicious. Cramps, heavy flow, and the worst part: EMOTIONS!! Who wants to go to the club and cry because Drake started singing??

2. You Go Into Labor

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - March 07, 2018

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This was gonna be the last weekend you could bust it open before the arrival of the little one, and it had the nerve to wanna come right before Happy Hour! Like it couldn’t wait until Sunday during Bishop’s long ass sermon.

1. Jesus Comes Back

Lakewood Church in Houston

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You had a long week and all you wanna do is have a couple drinks and unwind, and here comes the Savior. They ain’t got no Hennessy in Heaven. Maybe Hell….?

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