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5. The Wobble

South Carolina women's basketball

Source: The State / Getty

I’m not sure who thought of this dance or how the moves qualify as “wobbling,” but play this in any 21 and up club, and everyone will get in formation.

4. K-Wang

Tupac's 40th Birthday Celebration Concert

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Khia did two things right in her life: “My Neck, My Back,” and the “K Wang.” Even though she provides no instructions for this song – was there even a video?? – everyone knows exactly what to do when it comes on.

3. Twerking

Only In Indiana

Source: @ImCamQuotes / @ImCamQuotes

I’m from Shreveport; everyone knows twerking was invented by the great state of Louisiana. And as long as it’s a hot girl summer EVERY summer, ass shaking will never get old.

2. The Two Step

Senior Group Reunion Celebration in Mexico

Source: ferrantraite / Getty

This is my personal favorite. If there’s nothing else you can do in life, you can move from side to side to the beat. I love doing my little two-step because I can’t dance, so it helps me not look like an idiot.

1. Cupid Shuffle

Youth 'Flash Mob' For Youth Summer Jobs

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

Unlike the other songs on this list, this one tells you exactly what to do! To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left….even I can keep up with that. Thank you, Cupid. Thank you.