The Beat DFW Daily Video

Happy Friday! I want you to enjoy your weekend, so I’m going to give you some things to avoid today.

5. You Lock Your Keys in Your Car

Cropped Hand Locking Car

Source: Phornphan Pradittiemphon / EyeEm / Getty

Sure, Triple A or a locksmith will come and get you right, hopefully. But…they’re definitely starting Happy Hour without you.

4. You Get Called in on Your Day Off

Your thoughts govern your future

Source: jeffbergen / Getty

Shout out to extra money, but no extra fun for you, my friend. You better confirm your plans NOW, then turn your phone off and tell your job you lost it and it magically popped up Monday morning.

3. You Catch Bae Cheating

We love because it’s the only true adventure

Source: SrdjanPav / Getty

He just doesn’t know you had plans to get drunk and let him have his way with you. But clearly he has a backup plan, and you’ll be having your way…with yourself.

2. You Miss Your Flight

Low Section Of Woman With Luggage Sitting On Chair Against Window At Airport

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After your girls finally convinced you to take a well-deserved mini vacay, you spent too long packing and thought you could get through TSA at DFW Airport in 15 minutes. Welp, tell them to FaceTime you.

1. You Crack the Screen on Your Phone

Mobile phone with broken glass on a white background.

Source: Jose A. Bernat Bacete / Getty

You’ve been avoiding that man all week; now you don’t know if it’s him calling, or your girls to go kick it. Looks like you’re in for the weekend. Get a phone case.