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Terry Crews has finally opened up about his sexual assault, and while a lot of people support him, others think he could’ve done more to prevent it.

DL Hughley did an interview and had his opinions on what Terry Crews should’ve done to prevent the assault. Crews got wind of his words, and tweeted “@RealDLHughley You told the world ‘God gave me muscles so I could say no…’ Are you implying I ‘wanted’ to be sexually assaulted? I’m listening, sir…

DL Hughley tweeted back “You saw the video!” So then Crews said “Sir you said I should have pushed him back, or restrained him and I DID ALL THOSE THINGS… but you act like I didn’t. Were you there?

So DL responded, “That’s different than slapping the sh*t outa him.” Crews went on to say “So sir.. If you truly feel that is a correct way to deal with toxic behavior, should I slap the sh*t out of you?

Then it got real silent on DL Hughley’s end.

Still waiting on that response, sir.

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