Why do people freak out or think it’s some sort of witch craft going on when they hear about zodiac signs and horoscopes? Looking into a starry sky is indeed a magical phenomenon, but our planet and our solar system are definitely alive and growing faster than ever. Traces of astrology go back thousands of years and can be observed in more ways than just our birthdays but in the weather, fertility patterns, and family characteristics.

Long story short, I really enjoy exploring planetary alignments and look at it as a science, not a religion or a map to living a better life. So don’t think too hard about it; learn something new about how our galaxy works and get some motivation while you’re at it.

Here’s yesterday’s + today since I forgot to post- ENJOY! (p.s. scroll past the advertisement below if there’s one there SMH)

Jul 25, 2018 – “If I could, I would go back and undo it.” Mercury’s retrograde often offers the chance to do just that – fix something because you understand or see an element you missed the first time. Today’s square between the sun and unpredictable Uranus adds to the equation in a positive way. While you may have been temporarily blindsided, things happen that turn circumstances for the better. (Take notes. You might need to revisit the situation in September.)

Tonight’s sextile between the moon and kindly Jupiter accents sincerity and real values. Singles experience attracting and being attracted. If looking, you may find someone worthy of your friendship and possibly even love.



Jul 26, 2018 – The sun and serious, capable Saturn help to resolve the opposition and rivalry created by the aspect with challenging Mars. Retrograde Mars suggests the same argument offered so many times before that everyone knows each other’s thoughts and words. Today, thorough, thoughtful, and slow is the pace of the game and why resolution is the result.

Synchronously, this helps avoid repeating previous actions as day segues into night. Things are crystal clear, for all practical purposes, under the Capricorn moon. It is a day to send messages loud and clear (but sans the loud part).


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