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This audio clip is going viral of a word that’s driving people mad! It’s basically the audio version of ‘is the dress gold and white or blue and black?’ debate.

So here’s the test. Play the clip below and see if you can hear the word “Laurel” or “Yanny.” Then simply send it to friends and family and have them do the same. I guarantee you there will be someone who swears they hear the opposite! Ready? Go!

If not knowing the answer will eventually drive you crazy, no worries…TMZ has gotten to the bottom of it. They talked to the guy who originally posted the audio who explained he and his friend were surfing the other day (because that’s the new cool thing to do maybe?) and they came across this word they didn’t know. They wanted to hear the pronunciation, so he recorded the robotic pronunciation of it off his speakers. He says he heard “Laurel,” but his friend heard “Yanny” … and that’s where it started.

Audio experts have said the reason people hear different words is because everyone hears frequencies differently. They also told TMZ the crappy quality of the recording distorted the audio.

Wanna know what word they looked up? Click here!