This audio clip is going viral of a word that’s driving people mad! It’s basically the audio version of ‘is the dress gold and white or blue and black?’ debate. So here’s the test. Play the clip below and see if you can hear the word “Laurel” or “Yanny.” Then simply send it to friends […]

Are we seeing a resurgence in vinyl or is it a fluke? All my old heads and hip hop junkies remember the days of carrying vinyl around in the milk crates! Read the full story below:

Diggy Simmons has released his official first single titled, “Copy, Paste” off his Atlantic Records debut. The 16 year old raps about his clones and how they copy his style. Diggy has been labeled as a young star with swag and he gets pretty cocky on this track, bragging about his shoe game from Jeremy […]

Lil Wayne sings on his latest new music leak “How To Love.” Weezy F. grabs his guitar and begins singing to a lady who has gotten her heart broken in past relationships. I wonder if Weezy is singing to that new boo? Check out the audio below. Spotted Related Post: Lil’ Wayne & Mystery […]

Your ears are about to witness something unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.