He Says He Received All His Money Due To Merit And Need

For all his accomplishments on campus, Tyrone feels he was awarded what he was award and the fact that he netted so much in need based grants because his need, aka his personality ability to contribute to his tuition, was zero. All of his aid was not received in four years, but rather through the course of his seven years at the school.

Tyrone does feel that there’s a safety concern for him on campus and that his lawyer is worried for him. The lawyer also stated that the six people who were fired were guilty of fund mismanagement and are using his client to show that Frederick should be fired or forced to resign from his position. He also stated that this is all a possible means of extortion.

He’s Never Owned A Range Rover And Used His Financial Aid For “Survival”

The photo in question of him posing in front of a Range Rover supposedly took place at Howard Homecoming and that he doesn’t actually own a Range. He does however, drive an Infiniti and copped all of the gear from the coats to the loafers and more — were for survival.

10 Things We Learned From Tyrone Hankerson Jr.’s Interview With Roland Martin  was originally published on theboxhouston.com

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