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He Says He Received Over $200,000 In Undergrad

From 2011 to 2015, Hankerson says he received over $200,000 in grant money as well as money he made while working at the university, studying abroad and more. “I went year around, from fall semester to spring semester and even summer. There are details in there that are inaccurate contextually. The money that was awarded to me was under the discretion of university officials who have the authority to make those decisions.”

The Cost Of Attending Howard A Year? $44,000 A Year

Combine $44K a year along with Tyrone’s current situation as a third-year law student? You probably could have about $400,000 in regards to awards and grants to attend the university.

Tyrone’s Stunt Game Came From “Balling On A Budget” And Knowing People

Tyrone cites knowing a few friends in the fashion industry in New York as well as the culture of Howard U being a “fashion show” as to why his social media appeared the way it did. His employment at Howard ended when he began his first year at Howard Law. He’s not been contacted by anyone at Howard University in regards to what he’s allegedly done, even though there was an investigation.

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