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The music industry is one of THE most difficult industries to be successful in for a multitude of reasons (like artists don’t invest in themselves, wack music, etc). Most artists that attempt to give it a try often fail.

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The root of the problem may lie somewhere along the lines that today’s artists don’t understand that the music business is 90% business and only 10% about talent. What that means is that the likelihood of being a household name, is favored to those artists that invest in themselves to get as much exposure as possible around their music.

Meet Jens the Guru.

I came across Jens on Instagram, as he often makes free videos giving independent artists tips on how they can go viral online. He’s been able to help clients gain millions of views using Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads to get them in front of laser targeted audiences–thus increasing the average indie artists’ chances of taking the Music Industry by storm.

97.9 The Beat: So Jens, how’d you get involved in online marketing?

Jens: Pretty Much When Kendrick Was Promoting His Mixtape “Overly Dedicated,” I Noticed That On Certain Hip Hop Sites, The Major Ones At A Time When Being On Hip-Hop Sites Mattered, It Made Me Wonder How Is That Done. From There I Sought Out Some Of The Best Marketers On The Face Of The Planet And Paid Them For Their Knowledge. I’ve Put A Lot Of Time Into Learning This And I’m Always Learning New Things To Stay Sharp.

97.9 The Beat: Tell us about some of the services you offer to help indie artists go viral.

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Jens: I Cover Digital Marketing, I Leverage Paid Advertisement To Get Artists Music/Brands Out In Front Of People Actually Looking To Consume New Music. That’s What I Personally Do, Aside From This, Some Consulting, Very Minimal Management, I Could Never Be A Full-Time Manager Lol Artist Don’t Listen. I’m Good.

97.9 The Beat: What does it take for an artist to be successful in 2018?

Jens: They Need To Start Looking At Themselves As Business Owners. When You’re A Business Owner, You Understand That Running A Business Has Costs That Come Along With It. Advertising, Having A High-Quality Product, And So On. Business Owners Don’t Expect Hand Outs, And For The Most Part, All Indie Artists Are Dreaming About Is For The Day Someone Signs Them Up And Spends All Their Resources Pushing Them To The Top. Complete Bum Shit.

For artists looking to work with Jens, he offers a robust online training course that shows you how to get ahead in the game at

Interview by 97.9 The Beat‘s Online Editor Farlin Ave (@farlinave)

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