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A French porn actress is calling on parents to better educate their sons about sex so they stop contacting her inappropriately.Nikita Bellucci explained on Twitter that she’s tired of receiving lewd messages from boys as young as 12, and she believes it’s up to the parents to teach them how to behave and stop them accessing X-rated websites.

“I’m getting fed up of educating your kids,” Bellucci wrote. “Stop offloading your responsibilities onto sex workers.” She goes on to say that yes, access to pornographic content isn’t controlled strictly enough, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK for young boys to be sending porn stars messages asking for nude pictures, asking for their first sexual experience or to kiss them.

“There is a complete lack of teaching and prevention, and it’s not our job to educate your kids,” she went on. Bellucci admits that young children find porn too easily, but, she asks, where are the measures to ensure experiences like hers don’t take place as a result?

“I will carry on living and I won’t lower my head under the idea that I should be ashamed,” she said.  And, finally, Bellucci called on parents to “reflect on what your kids are doing in private, and the consequences of that.”

Alongside her post, the porn actress shared screen grabs of some of the messages she’s received on social media. In one, a 13-year-old boy says he’s a fan and asks Bellucci to share nude pictures. She responds saying no, and that she could send a screen grab to his parents. “Reflect on your actions, do your homework and don’t contact me again, if not I’ll send [the screen grab],” she said.

Bellucci’s tweet quickly went viral, affording her both praise and criticism. One person accused her of asking for pity, whereas another said she was disgusted by the messages the boys had sent Bellucci.

The issue of access to pornography at a young age is currently being treated very seriously in France. In November, President Emmanuel Macron gave a speech about ending violence against women in which he addressed the issue, explaining that he plans to increase controls on X-rated content and improve education about pornography.

“The CSA [France’s broadcasting regulator] plays an indispensable role in regulating audiovisual content everywhere and stopping the most undignified behaviour becoming a form of tacit propaganda,” he said. “Today we do not regulate access to video games, internet content and pornographic content that is increasingly available.

“In 2018, under the authority of the Prime Minister and with the special commitment of the Minister of Justice, we will have to rethink the framework of our regulation.” And he committed to improving regulations surrounding all content which could “lead to violence, in particular against women.

Article By Rachel Hoise

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