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NYLON's Rebel Fashion Party, Powered by Land Rover, at Gramercy Terrace at Gramercy Park Hotel

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If you saw the name Belcalis Almanzar on a president ballot slip you might be hesitent

to select her name. However, if you saw her stage name “Cardi B, You prolly would be shocked

but still select it. The young diva “Bardi” maybe the hottest thing since Wifi hotspots.

Why? because she is all over the place literally. Recently in a radio interview over seas in Britain.

Belcalis was asked if she was familiar with the new royal couple Prince Harry and fiance Meghan Markle.

She explained, “I want to meet Prince Harry, just because of the fact that he is a prince. Like,

‘Yeah you met a president, but did you meet a prince?”. No performance fee will be charged if she gets the

call for the royal reception. Cardi B is also busy across the United States confirming

new music dropping this month. Not to mention she’s having “feature fever”, such as Beyonce, Kehlani & of course the Migos