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Kodak Black In Concert - Washington, DC

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Master P and Kodak Black are in a bit of a social media quarrel because of charges trying to be enforced for mentorship.

“I guess Master P thought I was a fool. I still f*ck with Master P the long way. But I ain’t no motherf*cking fool,” Kodak said adding that he would never ask his friends to pay for his help. “I give my n*ggas whatever game I got, I give it to them for free. Ain’t charging ’em. I ain’t gon’ buy no game from no n*gga.”

Master P responded with he, “never took a dime” from him. “I gave him advice. Whether he listened or not that’s on him,” said Master P. “I told him you got this attorney that’s a crook…The real Kodak story should be how much money have Theo Sedlmayr made off him.”

Theo Sedlmayr is Kodak’s entertainment lawyer. Master P was trying to let Kodak know that Sedlmayr is the one doing him dirty by paying him an unnecessary amount of money. He goes on to say he treated Kodak like a son even though many told him not to get involved.

What do you guys think about this situation? Is Kodak overreacting? Is Master P just looking to earn some extra cash? Check out some tweets and videos below.


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