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Before we get started, for those that don’t know, the Illuminati is the hidden hand that moves things around the globe. Rumors have swept the industry for years saying that the illuminati sacrificies artists when they disobey, step out of line, or if they decide they are worth more dead than alive. Which brings me to some witty bars spit by the Mississippi icon David Banner in his latest record “Who Want It” featuring Black Thought (of The Roots) and Watchtheduck.

“This my second time asking what happened to Chris Lighty or Prince. I’m convinced that they lied. Then they tell us that it’s drugs. Or suicide then they sweep that sh*t under the rug. ” – David Banner

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For those that don’t know, Chris Lighty was a major music industry executive who died in 2012. Cause of death: Suicide

Prince died in 2016. Cause of death: suicide

In his search for answers to why these icons would have wanted to commit suicide, Banner goes even further to try to piss off more of the Illuminati’s properties by saying “Fox, CNN, and white crooked police! You can all eat a di**, see I tried King’s peace. Kids dying in the street. Crack sold over beats. You see religion is a leash. It’s all slavery to me.”

Interesting punchlines filled with anger. But can you blame him?

This may be kind of unrelated (well maybe not) but I thought I’d might also mention that Banner’s album cover kind of reminds you of Michael Jackson‘s ’91 album ‘Dangerous’ which also used symbology to speak in code. Strange part of this whole puzzle is that Jackson died in 2009 and his cause of death was also ruled (you guessed it): a suicide.

Michael Jackson’s Record 'Dangerous' In France On November 21, 1991.

Source: Alain BENAINOUS / Getty

What do ya’ll think DFW? Is there some truth to what Banner is saying this record?  Is it coincidence or conspiracy? Comment below the gallery.

-Farlin Ave (@farlinave)

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