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Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Things are getting real in Washington, D.C. following Donald Trump‘s inauguration.

Just days after the LGBT community threw a dance party outside of Vice President Mike Pence‘s house, protests are intensifying at the State Capitol. The Independent reports that riots are breaking out as anti-Trump supporters violently clash with police in protest against the Republican’s inauguration.

In one video clip from the scene, you see a group of masked activists smashing windows of shops as they run through the streets of the city with flags bearing the anarchist symbol. While cops are using tear gas to calm the situation, demonstrators are chanting “F*** Trump” as they block an entrance to the inauguration by linking arms to prevent people gaining access. Watch the chilling footage below:



The D.C. Police Department confirmed arrests have been made for “acts of vandalism and destruction of property.” But protesters claim that they’re not there to cause any harm, but to denounce capitalism.

This will be a long four years.

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