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Donald Trump surrogate Pastor Mark Burns has found himself embroiled in a massive controversy as a result of embellishing the credentials on his bio.

The South Carolina pastor padded his resume by overstating his college and military service, but the one line that ultimately led to his exposure is the claim that he was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi.

On today’s edition of NewsOne Now, Ralph Chittams revealed the bottom line: “The first line that took him down was lying about the Divine Nine…Any Black person knows you don’t front on the Divine Nine, because they are going to come at you.”

Michelle Bernard questioned Donald Trump’s campaign for soliciting the services of a “fraud” and having him speak at the Republican Convention.

Chittams, a Republican, explained, “They don’t have qualified Black people in certain positions that know how to properly vet someone before they put them in front of a microphone.”

Roland Martin detailed a conversation he had with Burns via text message after he was caught on camera lying about his credentials. According to the NewsOne Now host, he told Burns,“You got busted … Take the butt-whipping and then move on, but don’t try to say this is only happening to me because I’m Black, I support Trump.”

His response to Martin’s statement? “You right.”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss Pastor Mark Burns in the video clip above.


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Pro-Trump Pastor Mark Burns Under Fire For Inflating Biography

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