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#FLASHBACKFRIDAY: Queen Bee Lil Kim Has Owned The Hive Since The 90s
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We haven’t seen a successful girl group since the 90’s and before that the 70’s and 80’s held it down. Another familiar Houston act, Destiny’s Child, probably holds the title for Last of a Dying Breed, so father and manager of the group Matthew Knowles has jumped back in the game to see if his winning formula will works again. Thus, Blushhh Music is born and ready to take over the industry.

They’ve been compared to legends like TLC, Salt N’ Pepper and of course DC3, but they’re excited to make their own unique mark on the industry with a unique style and original sound. Their debut single, “Old School Back,” helps to bridge the gap between generations by offering a familiar beat (“Crush on You” by Lil’ Kim) for the old heads and catchy updated lyrics for the youngsters. Not to mention their contemporary dance moves!

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At a community event this weekend, Bobby Pen of caught up with Tali, Sunni and Bunni Rae for some girl talk. In the interview the girls dish on how they linked up as a group, their favorite pastime (hint: FOOD,) Mr. Knowles throwing out their first mixtape and the meaning behind the group’s name. Check it out below and make sure you keep your eyes on these girls. It’s lit!