It’s not a surprise that the self-made millionaire and CEO of Cash Money/Young Money would exploit his own viral outburst and make buku bucks from it. Birdman had a few choice words for the “Breakfast Club” during an interview last week then stormed out, leaving folks scratching their heads over what just happened.

Yesterday Birdman announced some of those words/phrases blurted out which ultimately made him the target of a meme fest are now a part of his latest clothing venture.

T-shirts and hoodies are available to buy that feature the slogans  I Ain’t Gonna Say It No Mo, Got No More Talkin’, All Y’all, Finish Or You Done, and, of course, Put Some Respek On My Name.

Check out the announcement made via twitter and some examples of the new merch below to your hands on for around $30 to $50 before they’re all gone!

Rock the new gear while bumpin’ his two new albums Ms. Gladys and the Rich Gang compilation Rich Gang 2: The Lifestyle slated to drop soon.

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