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“Ghost. Must. Die.” And with those three words viewers will be thrust back into the life of James St. Patrick, aka Ghost, from Starz’s hit television series Power. The end of Season 2 was a thriller as Tommy, Kanan, and Lobos are all ready to put a bullet in Ghost’s head. There’s also the conflict of his wife, Tasha, and his mistress, Angela. Ghost is in the middle of a war at home and on the streets. Anticipation for Season 3 will be fever pitch by the time the show makes its return this July.

It’ll be interesting to see what Tommy does, now that he knows Ghost engineered Holly’s departure from NYC. Also, Lobos was the one who came to Tommy and told him that if he doesn’t kill Ghost, Lobos will kill Tommy and Holly. Tommy’s obviously in between a rock and a hard place. Not to mention, shortly before getting the axe as Ghost’s number one man, Kanan was already pulling the strings to create a rift between the two.

Lastly, where the hell is Kanan? He and Ghost had a fight to the death in an abandoned building. Ghost was the victor and celebrated said victory by setting the entire building on fire. Once the police officers got there though, it was discovered that Kanan broke out of the room before he could meet his demise. So, if one’s keeping count, Ghost’s list of powerful adversaries has reached at least five people. As for his allies? He has Angela, which he can’t really enjoy, as it’s already been mentioned he still hasn’t left Tasha. And, Tasha could be a formidable opponent in her own right as she’s been sliding money off the top to get her own rainy day fund. Will she want revenge for Ghost’s infidelities? Will she try to get back at him for allegedly killing Shawn, as she doesn’t know that it was Kanan who pulled the trigger?

Ghost most certainly has his plate full and with so many different ways this can play out, he’s going to have go back to the streets he was trying so hard to leave behind.

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