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Some experts say differences in lifestyle and diet play a role in the disproportional rate that African-American men are likely to die from prostate cancer than other ethnicities, especially white men.

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One way to treat any prostate inflammation (chronic prostatitis), which some experts say can possibly develop into prostate cancer, is to take a probiotic supplement. This natural, alternative approach helps restore the balance of good and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract if you have been prescribed antibiotics for prostatitis.

According to the American Prostatitis Association, probiotics are the beneficial bacteria and microflora that live in your gut – similar to the good bacteria found in yogurt and other fermented foods. If you regularly take probiotics, APA reports, the chance of developing acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis decreases as you fight inflammation and possible infections.

Some common causes of bacterial prostatitis are urinary tract infections, epididymitis and urethritis.

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If you do develop prostatitis despite preventative efforts, probiotics can help with management. Here are some tips for finding good sources of probiotics:

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