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Since being convicted of second-degree murder in 2009, New Orleans rapper C-Murder has managed to maintain a productive output despite being locked up. He’s dropped a slew of tracks over the last few years, including a diss track directed at his own brother Master P. Last night, the incarcerated emcee unveiled his latest opus: a 2 Chainz diss track entitled “2 Stainz.”

“2 Stainz” is available for purchase on iTunes. C-Murder claims that he is the real founder of the Tru movement:

“I made this Tru shit 2 Chainz, fuck you nigga, pussy ass nigga,” he raps, “ya dick in the booty ass nigga, you’d be a ho if you was in the pen.”

He continues: “I’m the realest nigga that ever wore a Tru chain / This goes out to that bitch nigga 2 Chainz / You could never be me ’cause ya too lame / I pop ya in the chest and make 2 stainz.”

Flames or nah? 2 Chainz didn’t seem to take the diss too seriously. He responded in an Instagram video: “My partner just notified me that C-Murder made a diss song about me,” he said. “That’s hard as fuck. C-Murder always been hard as fuck. TRU.” He then proceeded to sing along to Marvin Gaye’s classic Motown anthem “You Are Everything.”

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