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Khaled invites The Daily Show inside his sneaker closet and shares a few pearls of wisdom.


It didn’t take long after the release of DJ Khaled‘s disastrous album I Changed a Lot for fans to accept him again, this time as Snapchat philosopher dispensing pearls of wisdom to his loyal followers, a life coach making teachable moments out of the most mundane aspects of his day. Few artists have successfully commodified/monopolized an emoji, but when somebody sees the 🔑, they think Khaled.

Anyways, Khaled appeared on The Daily Show last night in a segment that took place in his legendary sneaker closet. Joined by Daily Show correspondent Hassan Minhaj, Khaled shows off his favorite selections from his vast sneaker collection. He finishes by putting his hand on Minhaj’s shoulder and giving him some solemn advice.

“The key to success is to keep your head above water,” he says. “See, this the key, knowing is better than learning. I know that’s kinda weird. You might have to learn to know. But just know, when you know, it’s better than learning. And I know. Just know. Know that.”