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2 Chainz has decided to use proceeds from his dabbing Santa sweaters to give back this holiday season and pay a year’s rent for a disabled veteran and single mom, Deirdre Plater in Georgia. He also bought furniture for the veteran.  Chainz found the woman through a mentor program her son in involved in, after the sister of the mentor stopped by her house last week to drop off money and groceries for Thanksgiving and noticed she had no furniture in the house. “I guess that sparked my son’s mentor Mark Barnes to do something special for us” she told CNN, “and when he got the call from 2 Chainz about helping a family it all fell into place.”

2 Chainz, who’s created his own charitable organization the T.R.U. Foundation, posted about his involvement on Instagram and recalls what life was like for him growing up and “going to sleep hungry. I remember a long ass extension cord coming from the neighbors house to mine to borrow they’re lights, I remember stealing cable, cars, clothes etc., no matter how much pain I endured I smiled on the outside, it was my defense mechanism. I’m taking some of the proceeds from the dabbing Santa sweaters and giving back to the people in need.”

Showing my kids how important it is to give back , when you got it .#TRU

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Pulled up to the partments like ……. Who need it ? We got it !!! #TRU #MAKINBANDS #HAVIER

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