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First off, Andy Mineo is a rapper. Secondly, Andy Mineo loves god. While his profession juxtaposes his faith, Andy has been on a mission to show the world that can he indeed be a man of God while scripting 16’s for a living.

For years, rap has appeared famished because of the lack of soul food within its culture. With gaudy jewelry and plush cribs serving as rappers’ go-to topics, Mineo has been plotting on how to provide a strong helping of candor and life lessons to those in need.

By teaming up with Grammy Award-winning artist, Lecrae, Mineo has increasingly become visible in the public eye. Lecrae—who is already lyrically adept at placing his skeletons out on display like its recreation— has given Mineo new life, insight, and wisdom as to how to move in a room full of vultures.

His new album, Uncomfortable serves as his testimony as both man and emcee. Despite being entrapped by demons and compromising positions during his younger years, Mineo is more than comfortable in his skin.

Here’s part one of our interview with Andy Mineo, as he speaks on his relationship with Lecrae, the best advice he received from his mentor, and he even spits his favorite verse from his new album, Uncomfortable.


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