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Jenna’s Bright Idea

Jenna tries her hand at online dating, which doesn’t work out after most of the profiles she browses seem to belong to all of life’s miscreants and social deviants. Instead, she tells Donovan that they should hook each other up with the other’s friend and go on a double date. Donovan agrees to host a dinner party at his house for the main event.

Fastfoward to Donovan’s dinner prep…

Jenna stops by before the festivities begin, and finds Donovan cooking. Once again, we’re confronted with the fact that they have amazing chemistry as he feeds her a few samples of whatever he’s preparing. They have a major moment, because feeding someone can be sensual, and look like they’re about to kiss when Jenna’s friend for Donovan interrupts with her arrival. Come to find out, Jenna invited her friend Brooke, whom she didn’t really think Donovan would be feeling like that (he asked Jenna to hook him up with a 10, but of course she chooses a friend she thought was a solid 4, maybe a 5). However, Brooke comes through looking good —better than Jenna remembered after having made some improvements

Tara’s Risqué Photoshoot

Meanwhile, Tara is on set of her cover shoot for Black Sweat magazine (think along the lines of Smooth magazine), and she has a new wig in tow. Kelly advises her not to do it, but this is Tara we’re talking about, enough said. So far so good on set, even when things get a little weird after someone on set asks Tara if she wants her vagina steamed (word to Gwyneth Paltrow). Tara rolls with it.

Dinner Party Disaster

Back at the dinner party, we find Donovan, Brooke, and Jenna bonding, still waiting for Jenna’s date. Donovan and Brooke get along well, which makes Jenna feel like the third wheel, but then her date, Dejonte, comes through. It’s obvious that Donovan was trying to play the same game as Jenna except Dejonte did not come through looking good. He looked quite ashy. Homeboy started talking about how he’s celibate because his second babymama gave him syphilis on top of herpes, and…NAWL! Jenna finds herself alone with Brooke for a hot second as Donovan goes to prepare dessert, and Dejonte gets lost in a solo game of pool, and tries to convince her that Donovan is gay. Brooke isn’t buying it. When that doesn’t work, Jenna sabotages dessert by “accidentally” dropping the berry tart that Donovan made all in her lap.

Kelly Still Supports Tara

Kelly shows up to Tara’s shoot to offer moral support despite initially being apprehensive about it. Come to find out, Tara isn’t doing the cover she thought she’d be doing. She’ll still be on the cover, but with several extras involved. Tara isn’t with it so she makes her grand exit by showing them all the couture poses that they’re going to miss out on.

The Truth (That We Already Knew) Gets Revealed

Jenna and Donovan have a nightcap post-dinner date and she calls him out for setting her up, literally and figuratively. Donovan admits that he would never set her up with somebody she’d actually liked, because then it would ruin his chance with her. He adds that he’s not really into Brooke because he likes her, and that he just went along with the date because she seemed so adamant about it. The tension between them gets thicker, and we’re all probably just like, Jenna, girl, just go ahead and do it already.

In the end, Jenna decides that it’s best to stay celibate, but that when the time is right, she and Donovan will have a real date. Mmmhmm.


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