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Are you having a bad day? Prepare to turn that around. Are you having a great day? Prepare for it to get even better. Because the official cutest thing on the Internet this weekend is a wedding proposal like you’ve seldom seen one before.

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Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith, who is already one of the most loved NBA basketball players because he is such a hard worker on the court, and a gentleman on and off it, has melted hears on the Internet yet again. Although we’re not used to seeing Smith in such a loving, vulnerable way, the star posted the most adorable video of his 6 year-old daughter, Demi, proposing to her mother and Smith’s long-time girlfriend, Shirley. Peep the video below:

As you can see there was laughter all round as held by Smith, Demi asked her mother, “Mommy, will you marry us?” Followed by fun, love laughter from Shirley. Which was then followed by Demi asking, “Yes or no?” And as you can see, loving laughter all around.

Is this not the cutest thing you’ve seen on the Internet this weekend. Your day should be automatically 1000% better for having watched it. Congratulations to the wonderful trio. Don’t forget to send us invites!


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