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K. Michelle made an announcement via Instagram letting her rebel fans know her and Azealia Banks will no longer be touring together. She says it’s not because of any drama with Azealia or low ticket sales, but because she’s afraind of overworking herself.

I try my best to push myself over the limit and if you don’t listen to your body it will make you listen. While currently filming numerous television shows, readying my businesses and working on my new album, I simply cannot overexert myself anymore than i already am.

Azealia also took to social media to address the situation. Unfortunately this would have been Azealia’s first U.S. tour.

Sounds like she’s trying to go solo though on at least a few dates.

The 20-date North American tour was set to kick off Sept. 15 and hit the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie October 10.