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Over the past year, ABC’s daytime talk show The View has been like a game of musical chairs, with people leaving and joining the show ad infinitum. After it was announced that Rosie Perez would be making an exit to pursue her acting career, there are rumors circulating that Sherri Shepherd might return to the show. “Everyone was blown away by how Sherri brought the energy of a live broadcast to the taped show. She had been so missed by the producers that many of them cried when she walked in the building,” said a source at the network. She made an appearance on the show in May and received a warm welcome. Shepherd was originally a host from 2007-2014 and won an Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host during her tenure. Read more.

Can the KKK Adopt a Highway?

According to reports, a Georgia court will rule on whether or not the state will allow the KKK to adopt a highway. The group sued the state of Georgia three years ago, claiming that not allowing them to adopt a highway went against their right of free speech. Surprisingly, the court sided with the hate group and now Georgia is appealing the decision. An attorney for the state is arguing that signs along the highway are “government speech,” so they aren’t protected by the First Amendment. Read more.

Bill Cosby Rape Accusers Demand to See Full Transcript

After it was revealed that comedian Bill Cosby admitted to buying Quaaludes to drug the women he wanted to have sex with, his rape accusers are speaking out yet again. Two women are asking that a judge release the entire 2005 transcript that featured his statements. “We will pursue Mr. Cosby until the full truth comes out,” said Beth Ferrier, one of the accusers. “The world needs to see the rest of (the transcript). We all need to see the rest of it. Please, support us.” She also spoke about Camille Cosby’s decision to stand by her husband. “My goodness, Camille, please. It’s time. We’re telling the truth. She needs to support us.” Read more.


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