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The words we speak are powerful enough to move mankind to action or to disarm within the same breath, and when it comes to sex words have the same effect. It isn’t often that the average person thinks about how their words can influence his or her partner’s sex drive, but it is a factor that everyone should begin taking notice of.

Too often one partner is discouraged from entering into the sex he or she desires because of something that was said during or after an act, and although these words may not have been delivered with malice, the damage they cause can sometimes result in sexual dysfunction. Libido-killing phrases are used all too commonly, but they can be remedied with a little guidance on how to deliver the concern of the message minus its stinging undercurrent.

It’s time to speak life into your partner instead. Here are seven libido killing phrases and how to correct them.

1. “I’m use to dealing with men who are larger in size.”

This is one of the most damaging phrases to the male ego that I commonly hear from men who approach me with their confidence wounded. Women who hold high sexual expectations are known to be insensitive during times of sexual expression, but the weight of these words should be held into consideration. Sure, your current partner may not fit the mold of previous partners, but instead of making a comparison to men of the past (a big faux pas in relationships), suggest sex positions that can assist in making up for the lack of size that you expect. Rear entry positions such as doggie style provide deep penetration, as well as woman-on-top positions. Positions that place the legs close together provide a tighter fit and missionary positions provide more shallow entry. No man wants to be told he doesn’t match up to the last, so become solution-based instead.

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