2. “You smell funny down there.”

Poor hygiene is a major turn off during sexual activity, and while it is important to make your partner aware of improper practices, the delivery of the message makes all the difference. Sometimes smells are an indicator of a present infection that may require medication to clear up, and other times it’s a collection of bacteria that requires a simple wash. There are also occasions where a person’s natural body odor may not register as appealing to one’s senses. Whatever the case may be, it is important to approach this issue with caution and sensitivity. Once again, it’s time to be a problem solver. Offer to take a shower or a bath together as a form of foreplay to ensure proper hygiene practices are maintained, and if a smell persists after sexual activity, it may be time to see a physician…together.

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3. “I see you forgot to shave today!”

Stripping bare “down there” is really a matter of preference, but when one is scrutinized for a lack of trimming it can drive libido to its lowest state. Instead of making negative references to one’s natural state, offer to shave your partner as a way to build intimacy. If shaving isn’t your partner’s preference, embrace them as they are and use erotic massage as  way to stimulate pubic areas without coming face to face with them.

4. “Don’t get me pregnant!”

Unwanted pregnancy is always a concern during sexual activity, especially for the woman that isn’t using birth control and for the couple that isn’t actively using condoms as a first line of defense. Stating this concern with urgency can sometimes put pressure on men to perform in a particular way that may cause early ejaculation or a loss of erection. The common solution to this situation is to employ some form of birth control to create a worry-free experience.

7 Libido Killing Phrases & What To Say Instead  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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