Shawn 'Jay Z' Carter Makes Announcement On the Steps Of City Hall Downtown Los Angeles

Source: Michael Tran / Getty

Time has proven that nothing will stop Jay Z from getting what he wants.

After a long feud with a sound engineer, the hip-hop mogul got a hold of the mastered tracks from his triple-platinum album The Life and Times of S. Carter and his fifth studio album, The Dynasty. There were a total of 41 tracks between the two projects, 10 that included Beanie Sigel.

According to TMZ:

Chauncey Mahan, a sound engineer on the albums, claimed ownership and stashed boxes of tracks in a San Fernando Valley storage facility.

Cops eventually seized the masters, but Mahan didn’t back down. He sued Jay and Roc Nation in July, trying to get a piece of the action.

A judge just shut him down, ruling he waited way too long to sue.

Life and Times included his big hits “Big Pimpin’” and “Jigga, My N*gga.” Way to get yours, Jay.


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