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Darren Wilson is leaving the Ferguson Police Department amid continued tensions that he will no be indicted in Michael Brown‘s shooting death.

Just a day after a Ferguson grand jury opted to let him off the hook for killing the unarmed, retreating teen, Darren said that he did not regret his actions. Despite calls from his critics demanding that he be fired and jailed, the FPD has stood behind Darren.

The support of his co-workers aside, NPR reports that Darren has decided to resign from his position as an officer with the FPD. He made the announcement in a letter, where he wrote, “It is my hope that my resignation will allow the community to heal.”

Supposedly, he’d been informed that his continued employment would put his fellow officers and the community in danger. Darren later told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch yesterday, “I’m not willing to let someone else get hurt because of me.”

Although he was on paid administrative leave earlier this year, it looks like he’s going to have to find another means of income soon. According to The Huffington Post, Ferguson Mayor James Knowles has said that Darren will not be getting a severance package.


Jada Pinkett Smith’s Mom Makes Rethink Our New Year’s Resolutions

This is what 61 can look like now! Jada Pinkett Smith‘s mom was giving everyone some fitness motivation during the family’s Thanksgiving vacation in Jamaica. Apparently, Willow Smith snapped the above shot as her grandma was getting out of the sparkly blue water looking nothing less than magnificent.

After seeing this fantastic shot; we’re pricing out some gym memberships right now! We don’t blame Jada for bragging!


GOP Staffer Tries To Shame The Obama Girls; Quickly Regains Her Senses

We thought all of the faces that Sasha and Malia Obama pulled during the Turkey Pardon were hilarious, but one White House staffer didn’t find it so funny. A Congressional Republican communications director Elizabeth Lauter decided that it was her duty to read President Barack Obama‘s daughters for their behavior, telling them to “dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar.” Hours later, once social media had sufficiently roasted her, Elizabeth took back for her criticisms. READ MORE.


LaTavia Roberson Teases Webseries

LaTavia Roberson is not done sharing her life with the word now that “R&B Divas: Atlanta” is between seasons. The former Destiny’s Child member has decided to star in her own webseries, titled “The Real LaTavia,” that she hopes will give fans a more complete look at who she is as a person. WATCH IT HERE.


Busta Rhymes Falls Off Stage

Busta Rhymes went a little too hard at the club on Thanksgiving. After stuffing himself full of turkey and mashed potatoes, Busta dropped by an O.T. Genasis show at Webster Hall to party with fans. At some point during the night, the “Break Ya Neck” rapper was standing at the edge of the stage bobbing his head, and he went down hard! Find out how he’s doing now when you READ MORE.


Kenya Moore Shades Nene’s Appearance

Kenya Moore thinks her co-stars on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are hating on her because she’s pretty. The former Miss USA is still feeling a bit salty that everyone shaded her for years over Apollo Nida‘s lie that she offered him oral sex. She’s not the only housewife to flirt with another woman’s hubby. Nene Leakes and Peter Thomas would flirt all the time, but no one really ever said anything about it. Kenya thinks it’s because she looks better than Nene. READ MORE.


Shia LeBeouf Claims He Was Raped

Shia LeBeouf made a shocking confession recently, when he revealed that he’d been the victim of sexual assault during his performance art exhibit earlier this year. The “Transformers” star stated during a recent interview that he’d been raped by a woman, who had brought her boyfriend along for the event on Valentine’s Day. READ MORE.


Audio Op-Ed: ‘The Read: Ghetto Gratitude’

Kid Fury and Crissle had quite a few things to be glad about, and few points to go off about on the Thanksgiving episode of “The Read”!

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