Snoop Dogg Blasts Iggy Azalea, Nick Young Calls Out Snoop

The beef between Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea is getting out of hand. Snoop, who we know to be usually calm, lashed out at Iggy in a new video, calling her a “c**t” and saying that if her “n***a” — presumably her boyfriend NBA Laker Nick Young — doesn’t shut her up, he will. The response seems to stem from the recent string of events between he and Iggy on social media. It all started when Snoop posted a meme, seemingly making fun of a recent photo of her without makeup. The “Fancy” rapper was upset, obviously, and took to Twitter to confront Snoop and ask why he was being an “a** for no reason.” These tweets were soon deleted.

TMZ then reported that Iggy was “fuming mad” about Snoop’s joke, but she took to Twitter to deny that claim.

Even though Iggy seems to have pushed the “beef” aside, Snoop continued joking about Iggy on his Instagram and Twitter. He captioned a recent picture of his alter ego Todd: “So says Todd cool out lil sis he was only jokin Sike. Ub***hu !!” He even added Iggy’s frenemy Nicki Minaj to the mix. He shouted out the “Pink Print” rapper in a meme with the caption: “Where is Iggy ? Nowhere insight. @realnickiminaj_ F*** the fake n non writers yeah that means u again b***h !! Go nikki go Hoe Iggy hoe !! Sweet dreams c**t” He even posted a video of her giving a blow job (we’re not going to include that one). At this point, Iggy has still remained quiet, but she finally addressed the drama on Twitter.

Nick Young has also gotten in on the beef, coming after Snoop. And, for the most part, Twitter isn’t here for it, even if he is defending Iggy.

We’re not sure how to feel about this situation. While it’s normal for beef to happen in hip hop, Snoop coming after her like this is alarming. Only time will tell how this unfolds.

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