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We know Rihanna doesn’t mind being topless in public. We’ve seen several pics posted on her social media accounts. Her care-free attitude is the reason she’s been banned by Instagram, claiming she violated the app’s zero tolerance policy against showing female nipples.

There’s a bubbling campaign called #freethenipple that Riri has just co-signed. It was started by Scout Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, who walked the streets of New York topless in protest of Instagram’s policy. She can do that in NY and not get arrested, because New York is one of the few places where women can walk around naked and not get cited for indecent exposure.

Willis tweeted these pictures with the caption “Legal in NYC but not on @instagram,”

She first posted the photos on her Instagram account, but was shut down shortly after. Rihanna showed her support for the cause by tweeting

: . is Protesting Rihanna’s Instagram ban and looks hot while doing it. ” FREE THE NIPPLE

What are your thoughts? Should Instagram allow topless photos on their app?

Source: MTV