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When one door closes, another one opens is how the saying goes. It seems that’s at least the case for Ice-T. We heard him and wifey Coco were ending their show “Ice Loves Coco” on E!, and we all thought the frigid mashup was over. Not when it comes to Ice-T. There will be no drought to melt this cold rapper, who has already announced his next venture with the network…as a talk show host. However, The Ryan Seacrest-backed program will not reflect the typical talk show format.

It’s a talk scenario, but it’s based around you coming over our crib. And it’s not just based on celebrities. It’s based on normal people and good questions.  

The Urban Daily talked in-depth with Ice about his new show, rumors of a “Law & Order SVU” spin-off and even him taking another crack as a Metal artist, reforming his band Bodycount. Check out this interesting discussion with the rapper now at The Urban Daily.