Influence of Young Chris  [The Breakfast Club]

With all due respect to Chris he’s an amazing artist but I made records before Chris and after. It’s just weird to me.

Robert Dinero  [The Breakfast Club]

*shrugs* I treat people based on who they really are, not the name. Everyone has to be respectful and be a human being. No one’s above…That’s how I carry it with anybody.

Beyonce Baby Rumor [The Breakfast Club]

That’s probably the most ridiculous one I’ve ever heard. The fact that people are really running with it and doing followups. IT started going so far. Ya’ll really believe this. It’s messed up because the time you supposed to be most joyous and have life in you to have to deal with that. Whether you say you care about it or not it’s annoying and you shouldn’t have to care about it as a human being.

Nas Friendship after beef [The Breakfast Club]

It was a moment in time and it was a great moment in hip-hop but we have a really good relationship. That thing is 11 years old maybe longer and people are still fascinated with it. Bt it’s so far removed. We’re not awkward around each other at all. Rap is a competitive sport. Every time I went out I put my career on the line. That’s just the nature of rap.

 Samsung Glitches [The Breakfast Club]

In that instance I was the cowboy running over the hill. Anytime you try to do something different–and you should always try to push forward–whatever you do there is going to be problems. There were 20 million hits to the app, over a million people trying to get the app and it broke. You can’t even prepare service for that. It was a little disheartening to me. Because I can’t image in waiting for Rakim’s album at 12 o’clock and I couldn’t get it. For me that’s not cool. That’s a loss and it has to get better. The next person is gonna now know how to get it better. I’ll take the hit for that.

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