TV Watching [The Breakfast Club]

Watches HBO, sports. not nickelodeon. No reality shows. There’s 18 layers before that happens.

 Timbaland [The Breakfast Club]

Me and Tim have always been great but we’ve never been able to do more than one record together. It was a personality thing. It wasn’t clicking. We’ve always had genuine love for each other but it use wasn’t right. And then finally when he came back this time he was a different person. We’ve been together since the year started.

Just Blaze [The Breakfast Club]

We just didn’t find that zone. The thing with Just Blaze and I we have records that people really care about like PSA and You Don’t Know. When we’re trying to make music we’re trying to beat THAT. IT’s not a blank sheet when he walks in the room. With Tim we did Big Pimpin and Dirt off your shoulders. Those are hits. We can always find a zone. The Just Blaze records are like the foundation of my career. So we’re in there trying to beat those and that’s hard for us to do. That takes time. We both need to focus if we’re going to do anything to stand up to those.

 Roc-A-Fella Reunion [The Breakfast Club]

The past is the past. We’ll do shows together in Philly like we did last year when it makes sense but I never try to recreate the past. I don’t think it ever works when you try to recreate something. PEople just look a little slower. Moves ain’t the same.

Working With Justin Timberlake  [The Breakfast Club]

Everyone has to respect everyone’s choice and time. It just wasn’t’ time for us to link up yet. the time was just now. There was no deep conversation about it.

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