A new trend is hitting, and it’s not your usual drug or dance. It is actually ‘smoking’ your alcohol! Yes, apparently people are starting to mix their alcohol with dry ice and inhaling the fumes.

Reportedly, you can still taste the alcohol and the fumes hit you faster than drinking it regularly. Sounds great doesn’t it? Maybe not.

According to WFAA, Dr. Walter Gaman says, “The dry ice is so cold, you’re not going to be able to humidify it, It can have a toxic affect on your lungs, not to mention alchohol is not very good in your lungs. Just imagine pouring alchohol in your lungs… it’s just horrible… it goes right through your lungs, hits your bloodstream, and goes right to your brain.”

Reportedly, it is more potent but also more addictive. If you’re planning on trying it be careful.

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