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Don’t think that when it comes to naming an album it’s as easy as throwing out clever wordplay and calling it a masterpiece. These artists have put in just as much thought and symbolic meaning into their album titles as they do their music. Here are 9 of the most well-versed and symbolic Album titles.

T.I. – “No Mercy”

The original tile for T.I.’s 7th studio album was “Man Un-caged ,“ a play on his release from a previous stint in jail. However, he abruptly changed the title after he and wife Tiny were arrested, and he was sent back to jail. “No Mercy” was quite fitting.

Wale – “Ambition”

In Hip-Hop, when an artist gets dropped from a label, twice, its pretty hard to bounce back into the mainstream limelight. After being dropped from his second label, Interscope, Wale took that as an opportunity to reinvent, and build himself back up. With a slew of mixtape releases, continuous touring, Wale caught the attention of Maybach Music Group lead, Rick Ross. Wale showed he had “Ambition” to make it in the game regardless of what label heads felt. “Ambition’ went on to reach gold status.

Eminem – “Recovery”

After 10 years, Eminem admitted to being addicted to prescription pain-killers. He stepped away from music for a few years and when he was ready to enter rehab, he dropped his “Recovery” album to signify the period in which he was trying to overcome his drug demons.

Big Sean – “Finally Famous”

After sitting on Kanye’ s G.O.O.D. Music label for several  years, Sean had dreams of reaching Kanye status.  With a number of highly anticipated mixtapes, an adidas sponsorship, “Finally Famous” was released to much fanfare.

Nas – “Hip-Hop is Dead”

Nas released this album at a time when the New York Hip-Hop scene was declining. The southern crunk , dance music movement  was on the rise and was slowly taking over. Nas saw this as an opportunity to address the decline of what many referred to as “real Hip-Hop”, beats and lyrics, minus the dance moves.  Everyone from Soulja Boy to 50Cent had something to say about this title.

50 Cent – “Get Rich or Die Trying”

Everyone is familiar with 50’s story. Before the release of his debut album, he was shot 9 times, dropped form his label and forced to start from the beginning. He hit the mixtape circuit again, regained his health, and caught the eyes of Dr. Dre and Eminem. He was on his way. He was determined to, “Get Rich, Or Die Trying.”

Rick Ross – “God Forgives I Don’t”

He released two mixtapes in one year. IN the head honcho of the most popular rap crew, toured all of last year, and had 2 major health scares in one day and finally ended a long bitter battle with 50.  Ross felt like he had endured the most and managed to remain on top. His drive is unforgiving, and although quite blasphemous, “God Forgives, I Don’t,” was born.

DMX – “It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot”

Rapping about his hard life over dark tracks, “Its Dark And Hell Is Hot” was the perfect title for DMX’s debut album.

The Notorious B.I.G. – Life After Death

No album title is more controversial than Biggie’s “Life After Death.”  The album told posthumous stories of what Biggie invisioned to be after his death. Creepy.

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