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And Here’s another reason why YOU should KNOW YOUR STATUS!

Imagine how it must have felt for the Cobb County man who didn’t know his girlfriend was HIV positive until he found her meds. Angela London, 41 kept this deadly secret from her boyfriend and didn’t admit her status until he confronted her with the medication he found. The AJC reports that an arrest warrant has been obtained although authorities now believe she has fled the state of Georgia to Texas.

From the AJC

For more than nine months, a former Cobb County woman allegedly kept a big secret from her boyfriend, according to police. She was HIV positive.

When her boyfriend found her prescription medication used to treat the virus, he confronted her, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the AJC. Angela London, 41, previously of Marietta, admitted to being infected, according to police.

Then, she moved to Texas. But she could be on her way back to Georgia to face a felony charge of reckless conduct for not informing the victim that she was HIV positive before having sex, according to police.