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On Tuesday, Ruben Marroquin showed us the bison bones he unearthed in his backyard, and we thought that was cool.

“I start digging here and I see a few bones here,” he explained as he showed us the excavation.

As he chatted, Marroquin casually talked about a piece tucked into the corner of his favorite things. We found that mysterious chunk is even cooler.

Marroquin, who loves searching for history, says he dug it up either in his backyard or in the creek across the way.

It’s been 25 years; he can’t exactly remember.

So, what is it?

“As today, I don’t know,” Marroquin said.

On Wednesday, News 8 consulted Dr. Darryl de Ruiter at Texas A&M. “It’s a mammoth tooth,” he said. “There’s no question. It’s a mammoth tooth.”

A wooly mammoth.

“What is that?” asked Marroquin. “Is it bigger than a rabbit?”


The giant creatures with tusks up to 16 feet long were last seen in Kessler Park around 9,000 years ago.

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