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Michael Jasper is self-aware enough to realize he’s “still a big human being,” but the once-440 pounder is hoping to put his weight issues behind him. A full offseason of hard conditioning work in Orchard Park has Jasper in the best shape of his life, at 375 pounds, and hopeful of making the roster in his second season with the team. Jasper is the “mountain in the rough” the Bills picked in the seventh round in 2011 because of his remarkable size and agility. Did you catch the part where they say, “he slimmed down from 440 lbs”. Heck I couldn’t even begin to imagine this dudes monthly grocery bill. He probably has a 2 whole sides of beef and truck full of chickens delivered to his house every month!! I’m just saying……….. but if he is reading this post my real name is Veda Loca, J/K… Lmao