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Whitney Houston’s tour promoter is blaming the diva’s smoking habit as being the cause behind her erratic stage performances.

According to the promoter, “Whitney smokes. God bless her, I can’t tell her not to. She will not take any substances. She just will not. It is what it is. She’s comfortable with the show she’s performing. She knows she’s not hitting every note like she used to. But it’s value for money, it’s Whitney Houston warts and all.”

He also says she is relying on her Christian faith to help her finish the road show, “I talked to her after the Sydney show. I told her I have her back but she said, ‘If the good Lord wants me to be attacked and ridiculed that’s the road I have to go down.’

“It’s an interesting approach. Here I am being aggressive in trying to protect her and she said, ‘I love you for it but let it go. I can only give my best, if that’s not good enough, so be it. I’m comfortable in my own skin.’”


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