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Rumors have been floating around for some time now that Beyonce and her bodyguard Julius are more than friends. And then more recently, it was reported that they were, in face, cousins.

Julius De Boer is from the Netherlands, speaks 5 languages and his boss is one of Jay-z’s personal bodyguards. He is divorced and has a four year old daughter. Below is an article he wrote for a Netherlands newspaper describing his experience as Bey’s human shield:

I have worked for RAD for over one year as personal protector of the famous singer Beyonce in the USA and abroad.

They are often long hours. I am in this position very happy. I really enjoy my function, a day of work is long, where you have to pay attention to everything, and stay paying attention to everything. Personally I think the most fun of this job is travel and the people you meet while traveling; drivers, hotel managers, restaurant owners, etc. It is this feature for customers that is important, but also for yourself, you’re multilingual.

In American, artists at the Close Protection level is very different than in the Netherlands. It is much more than a human shield to your customer. You should always think three steps ahead, follow a schedule, call ahead to destinations, etc. It really is best that a security person explore the destination beforehand.

In past years I have traveled all continents, mostly in private jets and traveled in the most luxurious hotels stayed. [As a Dutchman I] had to learn to cope and adapt. Adaptability, in physical and psychological terms is the main characteristic that you must possess. I met my boss Norman Oosterbroek in college and he [protects] Jay-Z.

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