Press Play: Rap Video That Breaks Down Voting Goes ViralOne rapper hopes to inform a generation.Royce DunmorePosted February 7, 2020 A rap video is steadily growing in viral status thanks to its clever way of breaking down the United States political system.Ohio rapper YelloPain released a music video for the song “My Vote Don’t Count” […]

President-elect Donald Trump received minimal support from minority voters, according to a new study conducted by Reuters.

Kanye gave a political speech telling Black people to stop focusing on racism and that if he'd voted, he would have voted for Donald Trump.

A week after FBI Director James Comey launched a probe related to a new batch of emails found on presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s private server, he’s now saying that she will not face any charges.

Plus Ga. Governor rants about "colored people" in speech and donations pour in for Black church burned, vandalized with 'Vote Trump."

Black Hollywood united to launch a Public Service Announcement urging people of color to go out and vote on November 8th.

The "All Of Me" singer wants people to know how important it is to stay involved in politics, so he shared a deeply personal story about his mom.

A Gambian model, who has gained notoriety for her rich, dark skin tone, came under attack on social media after a follower accused her of being a White woman in blackface.

Despite the Obama administration’s mission to alleviate the health insurance market through the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” healthcare rates may rise up to nearly 35 percent in some parts of the U.S. for 2017.

President Obama offered a game plan for Donald Trump and his surrogates on Tuesday afternoon.

Jesse Williams has a message for all the voting skeptics out there.