“One of my boyfriends hit me and [made it] crooked it until I had to straighten it and change it and it cost a lot of money” Michel’le explained. “One of your babies’ fathers? You’re speaking of, that broke your nose?” Williams asked, referring to the singer’s ex-boyfriends Dr. Dre and Death Row record label […]

She Didn’t Know Her Boyfriend Has been Cheating on Her… Gary Asks Why Do You Men do This?” Rickey says it’s Hard sometimes.

The man, who has been given the pseudonym Brad, states that he is “not sexually attracted to flatulence per se, (but) the person releasing the flatulence”. Brad, who has a degree in fine arts, describes his first experience of eproctophilia – when he heard that a girl that he had a crush on in school […]

“Once I became aware [of the affair], I initially wanted to kill my husband… I was considering adjusting the will, the living trust and all that kind of stuff. I did physically try to stab him. Several times… I never got to the point of physical harm, not really, but my words… My words hurt,” […]

“I’m the number one chick, ain’t need no hype” in her latest track “Bow Down/ I Been On.” “I only know how to be number 1!! I could use a challenge…,” Rih wrote on IG, said reports. Her rants continued: “How dat feel down there on ya knees, Huh?!” #gunzindamuthaphuckinair #allmyniggazNavi #controlyourheauxz #heauxzBeAckinUp #yesimeantAckin #catchup […]

Mathew Knowles Is Very Angry and Demands an Immediately Retraction of the Beyoncé Story That’s Out | Says He Managed Beyonce Perfectly

So I’ve been playing NBA 2K11 on the old Xbox 360 and to be honest with you, the game has lots of surprises. The predominant…